Easy apple pie

I caught myself thinking “I should bake something so that I have something to blog about”. When I started my blog, this was something I promised myself I will try to avoid. To keep this blog as something relaxing and fun and not another responsibility. So I waited..The sugar overdose during Christmas holidays must have been strong as my mood for baking was quite … Continue reading Easy apple pie

Traditional Czech apple cake (“Hraběnčiny řezy”)

I couldn’t think of a better first recipe for my blog than a traditional Czech apple cake. Its name “hraběnčiny řezy” could be translated as countess cake. It is very popular in the Czech Republic, you can find dozens of variations of this recipe on Czech food-related websites. I think that almost every Czech family has its own preferred version of this rich delicacy. … Continue reading Traditional Czech apple cake (“Hraběnčiny řezy”)