Weekend in Brno

No baking in Prague this weekend..but eating in Brno instead. Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. I love coming back to this charming city where I spent my university years. Brno’s gastro scene has definitely improved over the last few years. It’s not just my personal view, there have been lots of articles written about it. The vast majority … Continue reading Weekend in Brno

Bundt cake (“bábovka”) with walnuts and chocolate

It’s middle of the work week, 8pm, and I would like to bake something….something easy (I would still like to go to bed at a reasonable time:), but delicious. This recipe meets my wishes! Originally shared by Kitchenette, one of the most popular Czech food bloggers. You can find the original recipe here (in Czech only). Ingredients 360 g … Continue reading Bundt cake (“bábovka”) with walnuts and chocolate

Traditional Czech apple cake (“Hraběnčiny řezy”)

I couldn’t think of a better first recipe for my blog than a traditional Czech apple cake. Its name “hraběnčiny řezy” could be translated as countess cake. It is very popular in the Czech Republic, you can find dozens of variations of this recipe on Czech food-related websites. I think that almost every Czech family has its own preferred version of this rich delicacy. … Continue reading Traditional Czech apple cake (“Hraběnčiny řezy”)