The best Linzer cookies

3 thoughts on “The best Linzer cookies”

  1. Hi BakinginPrague! I have recently made your cookies and they were quite yummy. I filled some with raspberry preserves, and the rest with red currant preserves.

    I’d like to mention something for the sake of any of my fellow American readers of this post, who might wish to make your recipe. It’s about vanilla sugar. This is an ingredient that I was not very familiar with before marrying my Czech hubby, originally from Prague. In my family, we only ever used liquid vanilla extracts or on rare occasions, vanilla beans. Any cookies or confections my mother made that required confectioner’s sugar on them, did not include vanilla sugar. Obviously, some of my Czech mother-in-law’s cookies did.

    In my area of New Jersey in the US, I happen to have two choices for vanilla sugar. A powdery product called Dr. Oetker vanilla sugar (in 9 g packs), and a more granular 30 g product I found at a Polish foods shop. After some research, my Czech husband told me that the Czech vanilla sugar is usually powdery, like Dr. Oetker vanilla sugar, and that 9 grams of Czech vanilla sugar is pretty much the same as 9 g of Dr. Oetker. Given this, I do not use the Polish product I bought for authentic Czech recipes. It is my assumption, that your posted “12 grams” would equal 12 grams of the Dr. Oetker vanilla sugar I buy. That would mean 1 1/3 packs, since the packs I buy are 9 g packs.

    On the 9 gram pack of the Dr. Oetker vanilla sugar I buy, it states that one pack (pouch) is the equivalent to 1 to 2 tsp of liquid vanilla extract, the variance likely depending on the brand of extract. Given this, if a person in the USA wanted to make your full recipe with liquid vanilla extract instead of vanilla sugar, I would likely suggest using 2 to max 3 tsp of most American vanilla extracts (like a store brand or McCormick). I believe that vanilla sugar may not be available in some grocery stores in the USA, and that most people would not be quick to make it homemade.


    1. Hi updownflight! Thank you for trying the recipe and I am really happy you like the result. For me, these have always been the ultimate Christmas cookies. Also, thank you so much for making me (and others) aware of this point re vanilla sugar and available solutions. Next time I am using it in my recipe I am sharing here, I’ll try to remember!

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