Chocolate mini cakes

This is the last Christmas recipe I am sharing this holiday season, I promise. I know, it’s coming a bit late and I guess we all have had enough of all the Christmass food. Not only on our tables but also everywhere on social media. All food blogs and Instagram accounts are full of holiday-themed recipes and pictures. On the other hand I would not limit these chocolate mini cakes to the … Continue reading Chocolate mini cakes

Hunting for the best honey gingerbread cookies recipe

First time baking gingerbread cookies. I started with searching for the best recipes on the internet. To narrow my search, I focused on Czech websites and the recipes which use honey, not molasses. I tried two different recipes, one from a blogger and one from a quite broadly used website where anyone can share a recipe and … Continue reading Hunting for the best honey gingerbread cookies recipe

Golden rolls

I spent this weekend in London and I was really surprised by the number of lovely cake shops and bakeries. I had a serious problem to choose which one to visit and which cake, muffin or tart to buy. I was in serious danger of sugar overdose. Maybe it’s not that bad, from health perspective, that Prague … Continue reading Golden rolls