Sweet yeast buns (“buchty” in Czech)

3 thoughts on “Sweet yeast buns (“buchty” in Czech)”

  1. I love making yeast-based cakes and buns, they’re very common in Polish cuisine too. For us though, kołacz would be a cake, kołaczek – a bun or a flat mini cake with quark or poppy seed or such on top of it, while buchty are steam cooked buns (knedliki?) 🙂


    1. With kolac vs kolacek, it then seems to be quite similar in both Czech and Polish cuisines (kolac / kolacz for a bigger round cake, not limited to yeast dough and kolacek / kolaczek for small round pieces of yeast dough with jam, quark etc on top). While in the US, it seems that what we would call kolacek, they call a kolach or a kolache (at least based on my Google search:). Interesting to hear what “buchty” mean in Polish!

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